Beauty Workshops + classes


experience holistic beauty in a fun & supportive learning environment

In my hands-on workshops, you’ll get intimate with your skin and learn how diet, lifestyle, and self-care practices all play an important role in maintaining beauty and skin health. You will become acquainted with plants and food ingredients that serve as wonderful additions to your skincare or beauty ritual. By applying what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to create customized personal care products that are best suited for your skin type. Let your creative juices flow and discover the joy of making your own beauty and wellness products!

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Want to host a beauty party and create skincare products with your friends, family, or colleagues?

I am available for hire and can come to you! For more information on hosting a 3-hour beauty workshop in your home or private space, please contact me below.


What students are saying


“Patty Liu's holistic beauty class completely exceeded my already high expectations! The lectures, which included discussions about natural skincare ingredients, herbal remedies for skin and body, and detoxification strategies, were wonderful and super informative. At the last class, everyone was sad that it was ending as we all wished it was a longer class. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about and making your own natural skin and body care products. Patty is an excellent teacher - she is very organized, knowledgeable, warm, and generous. I learned so much from her and I had so much fun!”

— Sharon J.

“Patty is a gifted teacher. When I enrolled in her holistic beauty class, I expected to learn about beauty potions and remedies that I could have fun making at home, but instead Patty opened up a whole new awareness about how my body functions, how all the different systems work together, and how I can nurture not just my skin but my whole being from the inside out. She illuminated the connection between overall health and skin vitality in an engaging and easily understandable way, making the material accessible to everyone, regardless of prior exposure to herbalism or holistic health concepts. I loved how Patty created an open, supportive atmosphere where it felt safe and comfortable to share personal stories, and for students to learn from each other. Her class was a lovely experience on every level, and I know I'm not alone in wishing it could have gone on longer.”

— Julia P.