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I believe that much of healing comes from within, and it’s this belief that has guided me to becoming a Clinical Herbalist and Reiki practitioner. I had always been interested in the healing powers of crystals, so about eight months ago I began adding gemstone beauty tools and sets to my high vibrational skincare product line. From young urban professionals to estheticians to new mothers, my clients shared overwhelming positive feedback: these gemstone facial rollers and gua sha tools had helped them achieve brighter skin AND encouraged more regular practices of self-love and nourishment.


During my quest to acquire a variety of gemstone beauty tools, I came across this Revital-Eyes Gemstone Eye Mask. Hand-woven using high quality gemstone pieces, this lovely eye mask is perfect for anyone who wishes to benefit from the remarkable healing powers of crystals while in a resting state.


And if you’re a beauty or health practitioner (yes, I’m speaking to all you estheticians, therapists, bodyworkers, and healers out there!), this is a wonderful product to add to your healing toolkit. Revital-Eyes can be comfortably worn during a nap, facial, massage, while meditating, or my personal favorite: during a Reiki healing treatment.

I’ve had the opportunity to use Revital-Eyes with several clients while giving Reiki and the results are unanimous in that each client looks and feels incredibly rejuvenated afterwards!


Besides exerting its vibrational healing energy*, Revital-Eyes offer a number of health & beauty benefits as well. By simply resting this mask atop your eyes, it works effortlessly to immediately: 

  • calm and relieve tired, sore eyes

  • alleviate sinus pressure

  • reduce redness and inflammation

  • boost circulation resulting in a healthy glow

  • tighten and tone the skin

  • enhance elasticity and reduce puffiness

Another benefit of Revital-Eyes is that it can be applied to any area of the body in need of love and soothing! Just as gemstone facial rollers and gua sha tools are now an integral part of our beauty routines and self-care regimens, the Revital-Eyes Gemstone Eye Mask offers a new and refreshing option for enhancing your beauty, health, and overall well-being. 

What’s YOUR favorite crystal? Do you include any in your daily beauty ritual or self-care routine?

* Revital-Eyes is available in a variety of gemstones including Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Yellow Jade, White Jade, Green Aventurine, and Dalmatian Jasper. 

Product photos taken by Julia Paras.


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