Summer Holistic Beauty Practices

Sunshine, smiles, and self-care – what could be better this summer? 

In the age of social media, it can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest health, skincare, and beauty trends. 

When it comes to holistic beauty practices, there are certainly some new trends on the scene (and some tried and true practices that remain important to prioritize). 

For those looking to make a splash with their summer self-care practices - this article is for you! 

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We’ve gathered some of the best practices that will keep you feeling fresh and refreshed. 

Each holistic health journey is unique so feel free to experiment with the practices that align best with your personal values and beliefs. 

Energetic Themes of Summer 

What does summer symbolize in traditional holistic medicine? 

There are a number of unique energetic themes that emerge in this season of beauty, growth, and fantastic weather.

  • Abundance – Summer is the season of bounty. Beautiful fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers bloom throughout the entire season. The feeling of abundance in life is present all around us with so much potential for ourselves and for our loved ones to embrace everything the world is offering.

  • giant field of sunflowers
  • Energy – The summer season is known for its longer and warmer days. It’s easier to fit more into your day and feel more energetic naturally because of this change in the season.

  • Play – Recreation, leisure, and sport are major themes of the summer season. Being outdoors is easier in the summertime and it’s the season of having extra time available to get involved in some sort of active play. 

  • woman on kayak on lake
  • Warmth – The summer sun is well-known for its heat. This is the season to embrace such warmth and radiate your own when possible!

  • Confidence – Summer brings the ability to shed layers, while sunshine has the ability to heal and transform both nature and our bodies. We also tend to gravitate toward those who are feeling the most confident in this season.

  • Time in nature (birds, bees, plants blooming) – Research shows thattime spent in nature can lead to cognitive and physical impacts that are long-lasting. 
  • woman hiking sitting on rock enjoying nature

    Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the great outdoors, summertime is the perfect season to get exploring the natural habitat around you.

    Holistic Self-care Practices for 2022

    There are some great things that you can do to nourish your mind, body and soul as you move through this summer season of abundance. 

    Be proactive with your health during this time and see the payoff year-round as you move through more challenging seasons like winter. 

    Now is the time to find peace, excitement, and to enjoy the presence of your friends, family, and loved ones.

    woman biking on trail

    This can include strength training or a more moderate form of resistance like water aerobics, walking uphill, or cycling with resistance. Anything that challenges and builds your muscles is key.

  • Getting outside – Explore new activities that you have always wanted to try (cycling, hiking, gardening, swimming) during the summer season. If possible, take your coffee or a book outside and get some fresh air throughout the day. It’s never too late to try something new when it comes to getting outside!

  • Play – Don’t take life too seriously this summer season. Being playful is part of reducing your own stress through the long days and many social plans that summer may bring your way.
  • two women playing beach volleyball
  • Moderation – The abundance through summer is all around us. Food, drink, social plans, activities, and so much more. Be careful not to overdo it during this season. Recovery from burnout can be much more intensive than it seems!

  • Creating memories & meaningful experiences – Living in the moment is key this summer season. Create lasting memories by engaging in meaningful experiences. 
  • friends hugging and enjoying the sunset together

    This season is the one to take that road trip with your friends, catch a last minute flight, or go for a spontaneous meal at your favorite restaurant.

  • Revisit goals set in Winter – Summer and Fall blend together easily in terms of possibilities for goals outdoors. Once winter hits, it’s time to revisit your holistic health goals and tweak according to the weather in your location. Shorter and colder winter days can mean less energy to put toward your holistic health goals.

  • Maintain skin health and vibrancy – The summer sun can seriously zap moisture from your skin. Taking care of your largest organ is key to keeping yourself holistically healthy through the summer season.

  • woman wearing a facial mask self-care

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    3) Replenish Body Butter: Using part of your energy in the summer to devote to self care is a great option. 

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    What are your favorite summer activities and self-care practices?Comment below!

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