The Impact of an Active Lifestyle on Healthy Skin

Moving your body has more benefits than you may think when it comes to your skincare regime. Here’s why an active lifestyle is a no-brainer for keeping your skin healthy and happy.

The answer to youthful, clear, bright skin isn’t always found at the bottom of a skincare product bottle! 

Holistic skincare goes beyond products you can purchase and put topically on your skin - it’s incredibly important to have a healthy lifestyle too. 

This includes adding physical activity into your daily routine in addition to eating healthily, reducing stress, and monitoring your sleep and mental health.

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While many think of being physically active as having benefits for a healthy heart and weight maintenance – an active lifestyle has so many more benefits including better skin!

This article will focus on the impact of physical activity on skin health. 

Because it comes to skin health, the benefits of exercise are endless!

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ?

The skin is the largest of the body’s organs. It’s also the only organ that lives externally in the body (versus internally like the liver, kidneys, bladder, and heart). 

Adult humans carry an average of 3.6 kilograms and 2 square meters of skin on their skeleton. 

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The skin acts mainly as a protectant to keep internal organs safe from bacteria, threats, chemicals, temperature, and more. 

As an organ, the skin also completes complex processes like excretion, secretion, regulation, and sensation.

The skin may be the #1 organ that we take for granted daily too!

What counts as “exercise” when it comes to skin health?

Exercise, for optimal cardiovascular health, is defined by the American Heart Association as 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity

This type of physical activity should be performed an average of 5 days a week and is most effective when some vigorous aerobic exercise and strength conditioning is mixed in.

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Some of the best ways to get active this summer including:

  • Daily outdoor walks
  • Gardening 
  • Hiking or being in nature
  • Organized recreational sports
  • Swimming at a pool or beach
  • Spring cleaning
  • Cycling

5 Ways that an Active Lifestyle Directly Promotes Healthy Skin

1) Circulation and Blood Flow

The post-workout glow isn’t a myth, it’s science! As your heart rate increases during physical exercise, your blood vessels expand and begin to pump more blood freely through the body. 

Your blood is responsible for nutrient and oxygen delivery and that process improves overall as a direct result of physical activity.

Your circulatory system is also responsible for carrying waste products away. 

Healthy circulation and exercise can promote and support collagen synthesis to keep skin firm and retain elasticity over time.

2) Improved Sleep Patterns

While it seems counterintuitive, blood flow is boosted to the skin, brain, and all other organs while you’re sleeping. 

Chronic sleep deprivation and poor sleeping patterns can cause dull, ashen, or fatigued-looking skin over time. 

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Physical activity impacts your sleep processes in so many positive ways. Let your active lifestyle for healthier skin work for you… even when you’re sleeping! 

3) Water Consumption and Bodily Hydration

There are a small number of studies that have looked at the benefits of long-term water intake on skin health. 

Just like any other process in the body, your skin relies on hydration and water to assist with its core functions.

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One of the greatest benefits of physical activity for skin health is that it can also boost the amount of water that you’re drinking throughout the day. 

An increased water intake can lead tobetter blood flow and cell hydration. Overall,water is one of the best ways to flush the system and keep things working routinely. 

4) Exercise Impacts Free Radicals

Free radicals have been linked with cell death, aging, cancer, and heart disease. 

While exhaustive exercise has been shown toproduce free radicals in the body – elite athletes tend to be some of the healthiest humans on the planet. 

The jury is still out on intensive exercise but most studies to date have agreed that acute and moderate exercise increases antioxidant activity throughout the body (limiting free radicals and oxidative damage). 

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It’s similar to the debate around inflammation and exercise.

Generally, if you’re staying within your limits and listening to your body there are many benefits to physical activity on skin health.

5) Increased Lymph Flow and Drainage

The lymphatic system is one of the most complex pieces of your immune system.Exercise impacts lymphatic drainage and plays a central role in the ability to kill off abnormal cells and other harmful substances. 

In terms of skin health, thelymphatic system can help to clear out bodily wastes and inflammatory substances that may cause conditions like acne, premature aging, and more.

Things to Consider as part of your Active Lifestyle for Healthier Skin

There are a few potential things to consider as you build your plan for increased physical activity. 

You want to ensure that you reap all of the benefits of an active lifestyle for healthier skin with as few drawbacks as possible. 

Be sure to consider these things to stay your healthiest!

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  • Be conscious of the effect thatexcess sweating and increased oil production may have on your skincare regime. If you’re acne-prone or have psoriasis - contact a doctor if you find an increase in physical health negatively affects your condition.
  • Protect your skin from bugs and other pests by dressing accordingly (tick and mosquito bites can have serious negative impacts on your journey to healthier skin).
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  • Adjust your skincare routine, as needed, to match your active lifestyle for healthier skin. If you find you’re needing to adjust your current products or routine – don’t be afraid to shake it up!
  • While you may see almost immediate impacts of physical activity on skin health, try not to use it as an excuse to overindulge in food or alcohol. Keep your mentality for health holistic for the best results long-term!
  • Be mindful of sleep habits and ensure that you’re listening to your body in terms of exhaustion, rest, and rejuvenation.

Get Holistic! Pair your Active Lifestyle with the Right Skincare Products

As you’re embarking on an active lifestyle for healthier skin – there are some products you can consider incorporating to level up the benefits of your hard work. Consider natural, botanical, and organic products where possible.

These are some of our bestselling Free Flow Botanicals products that will have an impact on your skin health over time:

1) Gua Sha Tool:The benefits of Gua Sha are just being recognized in the western world. Gua Sha canwork wonders for lymphatic drainage, circulation, and one’s daily self-care ritual. 

gua sha tools

Help promote increased blood flow and discourage the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the right Gua Sha massage tool.

2) Sleep Pillow Mist: One of the bestselling products in the Free Flow Botanicals’ lineup, this mist is the best way to gently unwind after a long day. 

Sleep Pillow Mist contains a blend of bergamot, lavender, and cedarwood oils for the ultimate peaceful slumber. Your skin will thank you for a rejuvenating sleep after your physical activity!

3) Soothe Salve: This plant-based balm is here to soothe dry, cracked, itchy, or sunburnt skin. While we all do our best to protect our skin from harmful UV rays - accidents happen! 

Our Soothe Salve is a great option for skin that could use some restorative TLC beyond an active lifestyle and physical exercise.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on why exercise is so beneficial when it comes to healthy skin. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get active!


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