3 Tips for Accepting Yourself

Over the years I realized that one of the best ways I can serve you and the others in my community is to emphasize the importance of self love. 

This was something I lacked for a very long time and things began to shift for me in a big way when...

I began intentionally practicing self-love by:

  • Creating healthy boundaries for myself.
  • Learning to honor my own needs.
  • Finding ways to nourish my skin and body each day.
  • Giving myself guilt-free opportunities to rest and recharge. 
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But before I could practice self-love, I needed to learn how to fully accept myself first.

All the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, well kept, and messy parts! 

The parts buried so deep that needed to come to the surface to be seen and heard.

Throughout the process, I picked up 3 of the most supportive methods to self-acceptance and I wanted to share them with you!

3 tips for accepting yourself

1) Practice letting go of specific outcomes

I get it - you've got dreams and desires that you want to pursue in this lifetime. Goals that you want to achieve. Go after your dreams, I've got your back lovely! Reach for those stars, but be sure not to get attached to a specific outcome.

It becomes a trap when you associate your self-worth to a desired outcome. So, whatever happens, whatever the outcome, just know that you’ve done your best.

 If you don’t succeed, it’s not failing, it’s having the opportunity to learn a lesson and try again. 

2) Love yourself fully, the good & bad parts

It’s easy to love the good parts of ourselves, right? But what about the parts you (or maybe others) find less desirable?

The more we suppress these, the more embedded they become as part of our subconscious. That can lead to actions and behaviors that we aren’t even aware of!

woman looking at herself in mirror work self acceptance love

One method I love practicing is mirror work. So, take a moment each day to stand in front of your mirror, gaze lovingly at your face and body, and take time to fully honor every part of yourself. Speak words of loving kindness to yourself in the mirror.

3) Forgive yourself for any past mistakes and the mistakes you'll make in the future

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past. So many I’ve allowed to consume me with feelings with guilt and regret. But throughout my healing journey, I realized that forgiveness was the missing link to self-love and acceptance.

Forgiving myself for all the mistakes I’ve made gave me the space to feel human, to feel whole. And now I reflect on past mistakes as lessons and opportunities for growth. 

Lovelies, how do you practice accepting yourself?

💚  Patty

P.S. Would you like to catch a recap of this important topic? Click here where I share and discuss these 3 tips on IGTV!


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