Recipe: Pickled Garlic

Are you a fan of garlic? 

If you are, then you can probably relate when I say I usually quadruple the amount of garlic I use in any given recipe! 

 And if you’re not, well now’s a great time to start including more garlic, especially raw garlic, in your diet.


Because garlic is one of the easiest, most effective ways of using food as medicine, especially during the Fall!

Raw garlic is incredibly supportive

Pungent, warm, and spicy, especially when eaten raw, garlic is incredibly supportive for your immune system and your lungs! 

This is in part due to one of garlic’s main active compounds, allicin, which contains potent anti-viral properties. 

And because Fall usually signals the start of cold & flu season, it’s a really important time to keep your lungs healthy and free of unwanted germs.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on keeping my immune system strong and my lungs in tip top shape this Fall & Winter season!

A great way to eat raw garlic

So if you aren’t already, be sure to include garlic regularly in your diet. 

You can even create a tasty snack using whole garlic cloves by pickling them. 

This turns raw garlic into a savory snack (yes, snack!) and makes it so much more palatable! 

You can get my recipe for pickled garlic here!

Free Flow Botanicals simple recipe for pickled garlic

Have you tried pickled garlic before?

What are some of your favorite ways to eat garlic? 


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