Exploring the Link Between Qi and Skin Health

Many cultures believe that health goes deeper than products, food, or lifestyle practices. This includes skin health and its link to “qi”. 

Let’s examine the link between qi and skin health! 

Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine and traditions, qi is a belief that’s still held to this day. Qi can be most easily defined as life force energy that exists all around us. 

sunlight casted through the trees in a forest

Qi is abundantly found in nature and within medicinal plants. It remains one of the most powerful, yet mysterious concepts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Qi can be used to assist in rising from a low vibrational state (fear, jealousy, anger) which can lead to an attraction of high vibrational energy (love, abundance, compassion). 

Woman giving client Reiki session

Being mindful of qi, or energy states, can help us to better align with our true selves and heal past trauma.

What does qi have to do with skincare?

Qi is tied to skincare as our skin is our largest organ in our body. Being in a low vibrational state can cause our skin to suffer over time. 

Stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety can irritate or dull our skin’s radiant shine over time.

Asian woman stressed out hunched over desk

In a high vibrational state, our skin responds by appearing more healthy.

Living a life full of joy, peace, and love can impact how we appear on the outside too. 

When we’re in a high vibrational state, our qi is in sacred balance. 

This is a time when we simply look and feel our best and become magnetic!

Asian woman laughing in front of a tree

Ultimately, our skin is a reflection of our inner being. It reflects who we are not only physically but also spiritually inside of ourselves.

How can I start to embody a high vibrational state?

While we may understand the importance of achieving a balanced qi, it can be more challenging than it sounds. 

Incorporating self-care practices in addition to effective products can be a great way to shift your energy to a high vibrational state.

Here are a few ways you can balance your qi or life force energy:

  • Self-care Practices: Health and wellness brands tout self-care practices as the secret to all of life’s problems. However, intentional self-care practices are the most effective way to impact your qi. 
  • Take time to find what helps you feel restored, rejuvenated, at peace, and balanced. 

    Asian woman sitting and journaling

    For some, a stroll in nature may be a great self-care practice that brings peace. For others, taking the time to reach out to a loved one may be a way to feel loved.

    • Sleep: Adequate sleep is a great way to recharge after an exhausting day. Don’t take sleep lightly in your journey to balance your qi energy.

    woman waking up refreshed and happy

    • Movement: Moving your body (especially in nature) is a great way to work to find peace and work toward a high vibrational state. 

    Listen to your body as you perform your exercise or movement through the day and make sure that you’re breathing properly as you do!

    • Energy Work or Practices: Research or try some traditional energy work or energy practices to help move toward a higher vibrational being. This includes practices like qi gong, tai chi, reiki, and yoga. 

    Asian woman giving distance reiki

    Focusing on your breathwork during these energy practices is a major key to transitioning to a higher vibrational state.

    • Gua Sha Facial Massage: Using the right gua sha tool for your energy type, a facial massage is a great way to restore qi energy balance.

    Asian woman holding a rose quartz gua sha stone and smiling

    Reiki is a Japanese practice that is designed for stress reduction and promotes healing. It’s based on the idea of “life force energy” and is what flows through us to be alive. 

      Developed by a Master Reiki practitioner, Free Flow Botanicals reiki infused skincare products are designed to promote balanced qi. 

      Asian herbalist preparing facial steam product

      Our products are plant-based and promote your skin’s health as well as the health of our planet.

      Boost qi & elevate your skincare routine 

      Here’s a quick round-up of our favorite products that support qi & skin health!

      Glow Facial Oil: Glow Facial Oil is a high vibrational skincare product helps to lift your spirits, promote soft & supple skin, and balance your qi   

      Glow Facial Oil product with green aventurine roller behind it

      If you have normal, combination, oily, or blemish-prone skin, Glow Facial Oilwas created for you!

      It’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients and is easily absorbed through the skin for an effortless, radiant glow.

      Nourish Facial Oil: Nourish Facial Oil is both lightweight and deeply moisturizing - best suited for those who have sensitive, mature, or environmentally damaged skin. 

      Nourish Facial Oil with rose quartz gua sha in wand shape

      This is also a high vibrational product as it’s made from natural and plant-based ingredients and infused with Reiki energy.

      Delicate scents of jasmine and geranium will bring you a calming state of bliss

      White Jade Gua Sha Tool: This beautiful gua sha tool is crafted from white jade stone and helps to raise one’s vibration, awareness, and clarity.

      Gemstone Ritual Kit with white jade gua sha heart shaped tool, Nourish Facial Oil and a fluffy spa headband

      Which activities help you get into a high vibrational state? Share with us below!

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