Give Yourself a Facial Gua Sha Massage at Home!

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Facial Gua Sha Massage Tools

The art of Gua Sha is not a new phenomenon, but is based on an ancient Chinese healing technique that literally translates to “scrape sand.”

When used on our skin, Gua Sha tools help loosen tight muscles and improve blood flow and circulation. This encourages fresh oxygen and nutrients to reach various tissues throughout the body, which for our skin, means a healthier glow!

We can take that same principle and apply it to our face, which is why facial Gua Sha has made such a comeback and we are seeing gemstone gua sha tools everywhere!


  • Supports a healthy glow by promoting blood flow and circulation to the skin
  • Relieves facial tension (e.g. TMJ, headaches)
  • Tightens and tones the skin, enhancing elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles around the eyes
  • Discourages the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Allows beauty products, like facial oils and serums, to penetrate deeper into the skin for better absorption

Chinese medical practitioners traditionally used Gua Sha tools made of ivory, bones, porcelain, or even spoons to scrape areas of the body, breaking of stagnant Qi (i.e. life force energy). This "scraping" technique would leave behind red marks, which was believed to boost the circulation of blood, lymph, and Qi. And this resulted in lowered inflammation and improved overall health.


Check out my video below, which includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to give yourself a Gua Sha facial massage to sculpt, lift, and de-puff your face at home! 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your skin beautiful, radiant, and glowing, consider Gua Sha. Available in various styles, including Rose Quartz and Amethyst, Gua Sha is wonderful act of self-care and makes a great addition to your daily skincare routine.

Download my FREE Facial Massage Guide 

Facial Roller & Gua Sha Guide

Have you tried using a Gua Sha massage tool? What's your experience with it? Comment below!

Product photos taken by Julia Paras.

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