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It’s been cold and wet here in northern California and while I’m grateful for the rain, the weather has really taken a toll on my skin. Recently, my skin has fallen victim to dry patches, especially the areas around my lips. Despite moisturizing regularly and drinking plenty of fluids, preventing dryness has been a real challenge.

So I've decided to step up my skincare regimen and create a product that could provide intense hydration for my skin during the Fall and Winter months. With seasonal ingredients in mind, I turned to pomegranate which just so happens to be my favorite Fall and Winter fruit! With super high levels of antioxidants that help to prevent premature aging, pomegranate naturally became the ingredient base for my latest product - the Sea Pom Hydration Mask

Sea Pom Hydration Mask


This hydrating clay based facial mask also contains Kombu - a nourishing seaweed that forms a protective barrier and helps the skin retain its moisture -  and Kaolin Clay - a mild clay that gently works to remove dirt and impurities from the skin’s poresI love mixing this mask with yogurt, honey, or avocado for a nourishing facial treat! I’ve noticed that using the Sea Pom Hydration Mask just once a week helps protect my skin against dryness so that it stays soft and supple. This is one skincare product that I’ll be sure to have close by throughout the season!

Sea Pom Hydration Facial Clay Based Mask


The holidays are meant to be celebrated with family gatherings, delicious meals, and gift exchanges. For many of us (myself included), however, the reality of the holidays - from traveling to meal planning to managing difficult family dynamics - is that it be quite stressful! 

For those of you who are in need of stress management support, check out Relieve Tension Oil, another limited edition product that I created with holiday stressors in mind. Relieve Tension Oil helps to ease tension and/or pain from headaches, sore muscles, tight jaw, or pulled nerves. It contains a blend of medicinal herbs and oils like St. John’s Wort, Spearmint, and Copaiba that work to reduce pain or inflammation throughout your face or body PLUS a relaxing scent to keep stress and anxiety at bay.


I’ve poured Relieve Tension Oil  into travel sized roller bottles, which fits easily into your pocket, handbag, or backpack. All you need to do is roll this oil over your temples, tight jaw, or sore muscles before massaging it in with your fingers. Or if you prefer a deeper penetration and enjoy the healing benefits of crystals, consider the Rose Quartz or Amethyst Beauty Booster, a sonic vibration facial massage tool that cools while it soothes troubled areas!

Beauty Booster Amethyst Facial Massage Vibrating


Both the Sea Pom Hydration Mask and Relieve Tension Oil are available this season. My hope is that they’ll nourish you, your skin, and your well-being during the holidays!

Relieve Tension Relief Oil Roller Sea Pom Hydration Facial Clay Based Mask Limited Edition

Have a question about any of the products I mentioned? Just leave a comment below!

Product photos taken by Julia Paras.


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