This Fall Inspired Body Scrub Benefits More Than Just Your Skin

Why Use a Body Scrub?

Just like our faces, our bodies need regular exfoliation too. Without it, we can end up with clogged pores that can prevent the absorption of our favorite skincare products such as body oils, creams, or moisturizers. And what results is dull skin with dry or rough patches, especially around the elbows, knees, or the back of the arms. 

Made with a blend of oil and exfoliating ingredients, a body scrub offers a great way to give yourself a spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home. The beautiful thing about a body scrub is that it moisturizes as it exfoliates, which reduces the amount of moisturizer you need to apply afterward!

Fall Inspired Lemon Sesame Body Scrub

Body scrubbing helps to:

  • gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin 
  • tighten pores
  • improve blood flow and circulation
  • promote a healthy glow
  • replenish the skin’s moisture levels

Whenever you add a new product to your self-care routine or beauty ritual, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I regularly carving out moments for myself (i.e. me time)? 
  2. Am I allowing myself to enjoy the scents/sensations of this product?
  3. Do I feel rejuvenated afterward?  

With these questions in mind, I set out to create a body scrub that would honor the whole being -- body, mind, andspirit. So here's a Fall inspired body scrub that benefits not just our skin (bodies), but our minds and spirits as well!  Learn about the ingredients that I’ve consciously chosen for this relaxing scrub.

Sesame oil is wonderful for reducing stress and tension, relieving fatigue and insomnia, and nourishing the nervous system. Rich in vitamins A, B, E, as well as minerals and fatty acids, this oil penetrates deep into the skin to boost flow and circulation. In Ayurveda, sesame oil greatly benefits those with Vata imbalances including constipation, anxiety, insomnia, dryness, stiff joints, and lowered immunity. 

Commonly found in your kitchen pantry, brown sugar is a great exfoliant that’s a lot less drying than salt. High in glycolic acids, brown sugar exfoliates on a chemical level as it works to physically polish away dead skin cells. 

Lemon peel contains citric and plant-based acids that work to cleanse, lighten, and brighten the skin. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell turnover, and enhances soft and smooth skin. 

Lavender essential oil is my go-to for reducing anxiety, stress, and nervous tension. With its antispasmodic properties, lavender also helps to ease muscle spasms, migraines, and tension headaches. 

Lemon Sesame Body Scrub Recipe 

Body scrub ingredients and materials


0.25 cup + 1 TBS brown sugar

1 tsp organic lemon peel powder

0.25 cup organic sesame oil

12 drops organic lavender essential oil 


  • Mix together brown sugar and lemon peel powder, and add to jar
  • Add sesame oil
  • Add lavender essential oil 
  • Stir well with a clean utensil

How to Use

  • Before a shower or bath, scoop out a generous amount with a clean spoon or dry hands and apply to moistened skin 
  • Gently rub into skin concentrating on each area for about 1 minute
  • Rinse off and pat dry with a towel. 


  • Avoid using on red, irritated, or damaged skin.
  • The oil in the body scrub may cause the surface of your bathtub or shower to become very slippery.
  • To prevent over-exfoliation, this body scrub is recommended for use once a week before a shower or bath. 

Have you used a body scrub before? How does your skin look and feel afterwards?

Please note: this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Click below to watch an introduction of the lemon sesame body scrub!


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