Set Yourself Up for Success by Realigning & Creating Goals

The possibilities ahead

Happy new year to you!

It's hard to believe we survived 2020, a year filled with so many changes, challenges, and uncertainties.

That's not to say that challenges like our pandemic have disappeared overnight or our front line workers can now take a breather.

No, let's keep this awareness but also, let's look at this time in the new year as an opportunity to reflect on the possibilities ahead.

Many people seem to be focused on creating New Year's resolutions -- getting rid of vices, unwanted habits, or quitting XYZ. This is great but only if that’s what works for you. 

Personally, I like to place more of an emphasis on reflecting, realigning, and creating goals (in that order).

I started this process with last month's blog post, 2020 Reflections: A Year in Review, and am excited to share the rest with you today. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing simple tips for reflecting and realigning with your core values before planning goals for the year.

Taking time to reflect & realign

Reflecting writing in journal prompts Free Flow Botanicals


This first step of the process is crucial because without it, you may find yourself pursuing goals that are out of alignment with your core values or heart’s true desires. 

I recommend finding a quiet spot, taking out your journal (or notebook) and spending some time reflecting on the past year.

Here are some questions, along with my personal examples, to help guide you:

1) What were some of your proudest moments in 2020?

Examples: starting a vegetable garden, getting over fears of being on camera

2) What were some of the lessons you took away from last year?

Examples: learning to remain flexible under different circumstances, perfectionism is a trap, consistency is key

3) What would you like to let go of this year?

Examples: irrational fears, limiting beliefs, overworking

4) What do you wish to invite in this year?

Examples: community, connection, breathwork, healthy boundaries, curiosity, and play

5) How will you serve others in a way that's meaningful and authentic?

Example: sharing my personal story and the challenges I’ve overcome to inspire others to honor their truth and live their best lives

6) How will you face challenges with ease and flow?

Examples: taking moments to pause, connect with my body and my breath, reframing challenges and seeing them as opportunities

7) How will continue to grow and expand, and inspire others as well?

Examples: staying curious, open, flexible, facing my fears

Creating your vision for the new year

I love creating goals and working towards them, and find this far more effective than making new year's resolutions -- but hey, no judgment if you do....because you do you :)

What’s worked well for me is creating a roadmap - something I’ve learned to do in my corporate days - and mapping out my vision for the year.

I brainstorm and list out everything I want to accomplish first, just to get everything down on paper. 


Then I go through the list, highlighting the goals that are most aligned with my vision (hint: revisiting your answers to the reflection / realignment exercise above can help you understand what to highlight, discard, or save for later).

I’ll then start assigning these goals to a quarter.

For example: quarter 1: January - March, quarter 2: April - June, quarter 3: July - September, quarter 4: October - November).

Next I start with quarter 1 and focus solely on creating goals for January, February, and March. 

At this point, I’ve got my annual vision, my quarterly goals, and my monthly goals laid for quarter 1 only.

Since monthly goals can still be daunting, I'll keep breaking them into smaller goals until they become bite-sized and manageable -- usually weekly goals that become daily tasks. 

My personal vision & goals for the upcoming year

Because my brain loves to organize, my vision and goals have been placed into 3 broad categories:

1) Create 

I’m planning to create 1-2 new skincare products, teach more herbalism & holistic beauty classes, and continue working with clients in my clinical practice.

2) Connect

One of the main reasons I’m in business is to serve my community. So in 2021, I hope to connect more with you, this holistic beauty community, and fellow wellness practitioners to create meaningful experiences

3) Celebrate

What's the point of working hard if you don't make the time and space to celebrate? This year, my vision is to be more intentional about celebrating my wins, no matter how big or small, as well as celebrate my efforts. 

A note on traveling:

I love to travel and while it may not be safe to do so now, there's no reason not get excited about traveling again!  One of my top destinations has long been Mexico City. I’ve already placed it on my bucket list so every chance I get I’ll be able to plan for this trip!

Tools to help you create your own vision & goals

Ready to start 2021 off strong? 

Ready to follow your dreams? 

If you answered yes to either question and don’t know where to start, I've something that can help!

Get started with my Leap of Faith Guide which includes:

  • An ultimate bucket list worksheet so you can document your vision in different areas of your life.
  • A goal planning worksheet so you can identify and prioritize your goals for the year, quarter, or month. 

Get my Leap of Faith Guide here!

Planning your Days with Self-care in Mind

It's important to go after your dreams and achieve your goals but I encourage you to always keep self-care in mind. Otherwise, you may very well run the risk of burning out!

Plan your days and prevent burn out with my Monthly Planner, which includes a: 

  • Monthly planner
  • Gratitude jar worksheet
  • 30 days of being kind to yourself checklist 

Free Flow Botanicals Monthly Planner

Get your Free Flow Botanicals Monthly Planner here.

Make sure you prioritize rest and practice self-care daily so you can boost your natural beauty, inside and out!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You've got your vision laid out and your goals written down and organized.

Now it’s time to take action to achieve your goals so you can move closer to your dreams!

My hope is that you’ll be able to do this with sustained energy throughout the year, as more often than not, I see super motivated beauties start the new year off strong but then, well, life starts to get in the way. 

So it's important to hold (or find someone to) yourself accountable.

It’s also important to recognize that in order to reach our goals, we may need to enlist the help of others.

This was the case for me last year when I was so overwhelmed with my business and couldn’t manage to do it all on my own.

All of that changed when I hired my first virtual assistant who has taken a huge load off my plate. She also holds me accountable so that I can stay on track with reaching my goals. 

So if you think you need someone to help to reach your goals - personal or professional - don't be afraid to ask for it.

It may be the single best investment you ever make!

Do you like setting goals at the start of the year?  How often do you reach your goals and do you ever wish you had someone to help you get there? 


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