2020 Reflections: A Year in Review

From moving to a new town just before a global health pandemic to trying to keep my small business afloat, it's been one crazy storm of a year.

Despite this wild rollercoaster ride that we've all been on, I still have so much to be proud of and thankful for. 

That includes helping you address your skincare & wellness needs, and getting to serve you & this wonderful community!


What continues to light me up is getting your feedback throughout the year. 

Here's what a holistic beauty shared with me recently:

"Thanks for being you and being so awesome! I am grateful for you every day. The work you do is more than just skin care -it’s self care and self love to the fullest. Thank you for helping me access a deeper love for myself I’ve never felt with any other skin care. I am so grateful!" -Syd V.


These past weeks, I took some time to reflect on my proudest moments of 2020 and wanted to share them here with you.

Probably what I’m most proud of is starting my first vegetable garden, something I’ve always dreamed about but never had the space or opportunity to do so.

Patty of Free Flow Botanicals proudest moment of 2020 first vegetable garden holding basket of harvest


Despite financial challenges, I'm very fortunate that overall my business has expanded in many ways. I was able to launch several new services including:

I also launched a couple of new products, including my Replenish Body Butter and a Maskne Skincare Set.

Replenish Body Butter dry skin plant based moisturizer emollient soft skin skincare ritualKeep it Clear Maskne skincare set support plant-based gift set

Not only can you find these on my website, but they’re also available at boutique retail shops throughout Oakland (e.g. Mischief OaklandFive Flavors Herbs), the US, and internationally!


I've also made a variety of offerings available to help women enhance their unique natural beauty -- through community based efforts like my weekly Holistic Beauty Collective videos, herbalism classes, and regular blog posts.

Holistic Beauty Collective online community plant based Instagram

In addition to the Holistic Beauty Collective, a new online community sprang up this year: The Holistic HSP.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) myself, I created this community as a way of exploring & highlighting the common struggles that HSPs face...

And to empower HSPs to live a more holistic lifestyle through beauty, herbal, and self-love rituals.


I also taught my first community herbalism class in November called Pandemic Support: Three Keys to Boosting Your Immunity where I shared fundamental approaches to a holistic lifestyle that you can easily adopt to boost your immunity and protect yourself during our global health pandemic.


Being someone who’s never considered herself a decent writer, I’m quite proud that I was able to write 20 blog posts this year!

Out of the 20 written, some of your favorite blog post entries were:


Free Flow Botanicals  Languages of Love Holiday Gift Guide Female Women owned small business


Speaking of the holidays...since I did not participate in any ‘in person’ events this year, I created a mini booth in my office (what a cozy set-up!) to showcase my high vibrational plant-based skincare products and gemstone beauty tools.

Free Flow Botanicals home mini product booth

And from there, I was inspired to create a series of three “Ask Me Anything” sessions, covering important topics like:

As proud as I am about all that I’ve accomplished in 2020, there is more on the horizon which I’ll be sharing with you next month as we start off a brand new year.


Life will be a lot quieter in January which is the perfect time for me to focus on reflecting and realigning, both personally and with Free Flow Botanicals.

Free Flow Botanicals planning new year journaling reflecting sitting quiet

My hope is to do this with intention while staying true to my mission - that is to continue to provide the tools, knowledge, and support so that you can look and feel your best!

What are you most proud of this year? Share in the comments section below!


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