How We Can Uplift and Serve Our Black Community

I stand proud to be a woman of color.

As the founder and owner of Free Flow Botanicals, I stand in solidarity for our Black community and racial justice. 

And I continue to stand in support of women from all walks of life, regardless of age, size, shape, ethnicity, or skin color. 

Because my mission is not only to help women get gorgeous skin from within but to also empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

I’m very grateful that I get to serve an amazing community of women who, like you, have taken my classes, use my skincare products, or work with me 1:1 in my coaching practice.

I have so much to learn (and unlearn). 

I still have a lot to learn about the racial and social inequalities that plague our country and world.

I still have a lot to learn about how I can do my part in uplifting other women, especially WOC, to fully honor and love themselves so that they may step into their power.

But I believe that a willingness to educate myself is taking one step in the right direction. 

And I hope that this post will inspire you to do the same.

My purpose in writing this post is to:

  • increase awareness of our current systemic issues
  • actively support our Black Lives Matter movement
  • empower you to take action in whatever way feels right for you

My hope is that we may continue to support, share, and learn from each other. 

To deeply connect to our hearts so that we may rise and step into our personal power.

And do what we can to make this world a better place for all living beings. 

How you can make a difference

Here are several resources that I've compiled so far, categorized into overarching topics that are meaningful to me: learn, act, support, and rest.

This, of course, is a non exhaustive list so I invite you to share other resources with me as well. 


There’s no better time than now to start educating ourselves on racism and racial injustice, both current and historical.

Because knowledge breeds understanding. 

And understanding breeds empathy. 

And empathy breeds love and connection.

And with the process of learning and gaining empathy also comes the (often uncomfortable and painful) process of unlearning -- questioning old beliefs, old value systems, starting difficult conversations that have been avoided for too long.

This goes not only for eradicating racial injustice, but in also planting the seeds of personal growth and development.


A compilation of nonfiction books on systemic racism and racial inequality @kiyannaloves 

A compilation of great literary works written by Black authors @bewesbooks


The Herbal Highway's Interview with Michele Lee, featuring her book: Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African American Healing

Other resources:

Rachel Ricketts, an activist, speaker, and writer, shares a wealth of incredible anti-racism resources.On her website, she covers critically important topics including Healing for WOC, Racism and Spirituality, and Addressing Whiteness through blog posts and article submissions. She also offersonline courses and workshops.


Purchase from your local black owned businesses

Black owned businesses, many whose storefronts have been destroyed by recent looting, need your support now more than ever. 

Here’s a general listing of Black owned businesses in the Bay Area, and below a listing by category:


For the rest of this month, Free Flow Botanicals will be donating 15% of product sales to the Black Visions Collective

Here’s a well rounded list of organizations you can donate to, including the Black Lives Matter Foundation, Black Visions Collective, and American Civil Liberties Union.

If you’re unable to donate right now, that’s ok.Here’s a Twitter thread that lists alternative ways you can still help this cause.

3) ACT

Change stems from taking action, so please do whatever you can do to initiate the changes we need to see!

Sign a petition (or two).

Support defunding the police so that necessary funds may be appropriated for educational programming, safety strategies, and other community based efforts. Click on the links for additional information. 

Black Lives Matter Global Network - Defund the Police

Black Visions Collective - Defund the Police 


Head to the Black Lives Matter website tolearn how you can take action with your local community organization


Take action on an individual, community, or state level. Here’s a recent article by Barack Obama on taking steps that can pave the way for long lasting change.

Here’s how you canvote orregister to vote.


These are difficult, trying times we’re in. And let’s not forget that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Just as it’s important to take action and stand up for what you believe in,it’s crucial to take time to rest and focus on staying healthy.  

It’s critical that you take the time to listen and tune into your body’s needs:

Feeding your body with wholesome, nutrient dense foods. 

Make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. 

Finding moments of self-care in whatever shape or form that works for you.

Practicing stress management techniques like yoga or meditation. 

New to meditation and not sure where to start?

One of my favorite meditation apps,Insight Timer, offers guided meditations. Available for Apple & Android devices, this free & beginner friendly app allows you to select the length of your meditation (5, 10, 20 mins, etc) as well as pick a theme that speaks to you (managing stress, morning routine, gratitude, bedtime, relationships). 

Meditation doesn't come naturally to many of us. Just like learning a new skill, it takes time, patience, and consistent practice. I’d recommend that you make space for meditation -- ideally it's one of the first things you do each day -- and start off with just 5-10 minutes.

With time and consistent practice comes many of the benefits that meditation has to offer:

  • feelings of peace and calmness
  • a deeper connection to your heart
  • greater stress tolerance
  • improved focus and concentration

Make time for connecting

Don't forget reach out and check on your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s important that they are taking time to rest as well. There is no better time for connection and positive change, but we can’t do it if we’re feeling run down. Fill your own cup so that you can continue filling the cups of others. 

There is no better time than now for us to collectively rise, take a stand, and initiate positive changes in our own lives and well as the lives of others. In taking steps to learn, support, act, and rest, we must also learn to find the balance between taking action and inaction (i.e. rest). We’re in this for the long haul, but thankfully we’re in this together. 

In deepest gratitude,


Updated: 6/15/2020

Did you find these resources helpful? Do you have any resources you’d like to see added to this post?

As a WOC small business owner, I would love to add more local BIWOC owned business resources….but all are welcome! <3


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July 01, 2020

Thank you for this, Patty. I would love to follow more black herbalists or holistic health practitioners on social media. Are there any accounts you suggest? Websites would be great too!

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