Welcome to the Big Family!

In the past weeks, I've been working on something big. Yes, I know bigger isn't always better but in this case, I'd say it is! 

At least in terms of bottle sizes :)

The products that have recently gotten an upgrade:

1) Now available in 2 oz + 4 oz bottles

2) Now available in 4 oz and 8 oz jars

(From left to right:4 fl oz Calm Body Oil, 4 oz bottle Matcha Buffing Grains, 4 fl oz Hydrate Facial Mist, 8 oz jar Replenish Body Butter, 4 fl oz Cleanse Facial Oil)

I created these larger sizes to meet your needs for having more product in hand, more savings, and less packaging which greatly reduces our environmental footprint.

Having said that,I remain committed to using only sustainable packaging (i.e. glass bottles & jars) which I encourage you to recycle or upcycle them whenever possible!

3 reasons to get bigger sizes

1) More product means this bigger bottle could last you anywhere between 2-3 months!

2) More cost effective. Yes, you'll save by going big!

3) Less packaging means greater sustainability by supporting the health of our planet (although I do encourage you to up/recycle the glass bottles and jars these products comes in!)

Which of these influence your decision in getting larger size products? Share below! 


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