A Simple Guide to Fall Holistic Beauty Practices

Want to learn how you can thrive during the Fall season -  feeling nourished, grounded, and supported?

fall season leaves changing color foliage transition

It can be easy if you’re aligned with the energy of Fall!

And what exactly do I mean by energy?

Energy represents not only what you can see, but also what you might feel or experience.

Imagine yourself outside in natural surroundings, whether you're at a park, on the beach, or walking along a tree lined street. 

Take notice of the foliage in your neighborhood.

Take a deep breath and observe how the air feels as it hits your nostrils.

Notice any wildlife - birds, bees, squirrels, or critters - and observe how they move about their natural environment. 

If you remain quiet and observant while tuning into your surroundings, you might begin to feel the energy of this shift from Summer to Fall.

When it becomes important to slow down.

To connect to your body's inner rhythms.

To find ways to ground yourself.

To let go of what’s no longer serving you.

And to support yourself physically with a healthy digestion and metabolism.

Resisting the changes of Fall

Now I don’t know about you, but I just love the warm energy and vibrancy of Summer.

Whereas Fall, to me, means shorter days, longer nights, dry air, and much cooler temperatures!

My body has a hard time making the transition too. I begin to feel sluggish while my body's extremities (e.g. fingers, toes) are perpetually cold.

Up until recently I didn't quite understand what feeling cold actually meant from a physiological perspective. I just knew that I felt cold all the time and I didn't like how that felt!

Now as a Clinical Herbalist I understand it's because of a lack of blood flow and circulation.

Patty Liu clinical herbalist smiling and ready for Fall season

With this newfound knowledge at hand,  I made it a goal to take care of better care of my body.

Years ago, you'd find me enjoying salads and smoothies throughout the year, even throughout Fall and Winter.

I didn’t understand the concept of eating warming and grounding foods...

That supplementing my diet with herbs that would nourish my body, rather than contribute to a lack of blood flow and circulation (i.e. cold finger and toes).

And it wasn't just the fact that I was eating the wrong foods and drinking cold smoothies throughout the year.

It also had a lot to do with not slowing down and matching my body's energy to the energy of Fall!

Summer symbolizes the energy of expansion, of lightness, and when we transition into The Fall season, that energy begins to wane.

Yet I hadn't made the connection that I was to also slow down in order to match the energy of my external environment.

I also wasn't allowing myself to connect to my body enough, so by slowing down and grounding this process has been a whole lot easier.

If only I had a guide who had taught me all of this I would have saved myself from a lot of pain, confusion, and cold fingers & toes!

Tapping into ancient & traditional systems of medicine

Once I started studying Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Medicine of the Eclectics - I began toreally understand my body and its needs in relation to the seasons.

That's because these traditional systems of medicine deeply honor the primal connections between humans and the natural environment.

With this newfound knowledge, I now make it a point to include herbs, foods, and self-care practices that align well with the Fall season.

As I began my research to figure out how to eat seasonally and support my body, my mind quickly became flooded with so much information, much of which seemed questionable. 

It took quite some time to sift through all my research findings and understand what was applicable vs. irrelevant. 

Not understanding the fundamental principles behind the teachings of these ancient systems of medicine meant I was often leading myself down a giant rabbit hole of information.

Thankfully when I began studying herbal medicine and worked with clients with both chronic skin and health issues I was able to develop a customized framework.

traditional chinese medicine pulse taking diagnostic ancient traditional systems of medicine


This framework helps clients understand their bodies better, and what they need in order to heal and thrive throughout all seasons of the year. 

I share with my seasonal herbal formulas and recipes that support their body, especially for those who are deficient and in need of warming foods & herbs that promote blood flow and circulation (helping to ease the discomfort of cold fingers and toes).

These concepts are the foundation of The Gorgeous Skin from Within Method, my 90 day coaching program that’s helped me and my clients experience better digestion, more energy sustained focus, and clear skin. 

Foods, herbs, and self-care practices to support you during Fall.


It’s time to trade in those light salads and cold smoothies for warmer, heartier meals. One of my favorite side dishes for Fall is roasted vegetables, specifically root vegetables, which are nutrient dense and fiber rich.

Examples: sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, potatoes


Two of my favorite Fall herbs are Astragalus root and Ashwagandha root - adaptogenic herbs that nourish our nervous system and help our bodies handle stress better. 

Making a cup of warm Golden Milk with these powdered adaptogenic herbs is also a wonderful way to relax and unwind. 

warm cup of golden milk get my golden milk honey recipe warming herbs warmth for fall season

I also love adding pungent, stimulating herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, ginger, garlic, cumin, or coriander -- these herbs provide my body with much needed warmth.

Are You a Fan ofGarlic? 

Garlic is one my favorite ways of using food as medicine, especially during the Fall!

Pungent, warm, and spicy, especially when eaten raw, garlic is incredibly supportive for your immune system and your lungs! This is in part due to one of garlic’s main active compounds, allicin, which contains potent anti-viral properties. 

cloves of fresh garlic broken apart


And because Fall usually signals the start of cold & flu season, it’s a really important time to keep your lungs healthy and free of unwanted germs.

So be sure to include garlic regularly in your diet. You can even create a tasty snack using whole garlic cloves by pickling them. This makes eating raw garlic much more palatable! 

Get my recipe for pickled garlic.

Skincare as Self-care

I’m a big fan of facial steaming during the Fall (and all year round).

Why, you ask?

Because facial steaming not only keeps our skin glowing but our lungs healthy too!

During the Fall, cool, crisp air can dry out our lungs, making us more vulnerable to respiratory infections. As we enter the cold & flu season, you’ll want to keep your lungs happy and moist so it can do its job well.

woman at spa facial steaming botanical facial steam relaxation beautiful skin and lung support


Benefits of Facial Steaming Regularly

  • Gives your skin a deep clean by clearing out gunk from your pores
  • Helps shed dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath
  • Boosts blood flow & circulation to get more oxygens to your skin's cells
  • Calms your nervous system and supports relaxation
  • Eases sinus & lung congestion, so you can breathe a little easier

Get my recipe to create your own facial steam or check out Purify Facial Steam, a balanced blend of skin soothing botanicals.

Would you like to learn more about foods, herbs, and self-care practices that support your skin & body's needs? 

If so, book a complimentary skincare consultation with me, where you’ll get all your health & skin related questions answered.

You can also learn more about The Gorgeous Skin from Within Method,a 90 day coaching program to help you enhance your unique & natural beauty so you can look and feel your best!

Click here to book your complimentary 30 minute Beauty Coaching Session with me!

What are your favorite ways to stay warm during the Fall season? 

💚  Patty


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