2023 Skincare and Wellness Trends to Watch

A fresh year can feel as exciting as it can be intimidating. 

What new adventures will you find yourself on? 

What goals are you envisioning for yourself? 

Skincare and holistic wellness can be a part of your 2023 manifestations too. 

Here are some of the industry trends that we’ve got our eye on!

New year, new energy, new habits, new skin!

Skincare routines are constantly evolving with new research, innovation, and changes in beauty trends. Each new year brings with it a new energy and excitement. 

Leaning into this can help you to develop new habits and rejuvenate your current skincare routine overall. There are definitely some new holistic trends on the horizon that we’re excited about. 

With that being said, there are also definitely some “oldies but goodies” that may stay constant into 2023 when it comes to skincare trends and wellness.

Wait… what is wellness?

Wellness often means different things to different people. 

At Free Flow Botanicals, we define wellness as an all-encompassing, seasonally inspired conversation about holistic health

Wellness encompasses multiple areas including emotions, career, social life, physical self, emotional self, mental self, and spiritual self

In terms of pursuits, wellness is the active improvement of health in any or all of these areas in your life. 

Most often, wellness is discussed in terms of habit changes. For example, pursuing healthier money spending habits can lead to improved mental self and more stable emotions. 

It may also impact your career and your social life in positive ways. Many who set intentions or create resolutions at the start of a new year are looking to embrace wellness in specific areas of their life. 

Top Skincare and Holistic Wellness Trend Predictions for 2023

  1. Better Sleep Habits:  2023 is the year that we stop sleeping on sleep for skin health! A proper and balanced night time skincare ritual can help you to work towards rejuvenated skin. 

Consider simple habit changes through your day to have a more restful sleep at night (exposure to morning sunlight, exercise, healthy food choices, no alcohol before bed, no screen time). 

Lavender and/or chamomile are simple and effective ingredients to include in your evening rituals

Use either of these natural ingredients in a cup of hot tea, diffuse a lavender-based essential oil in your bedroom. 

Or use Sleep Pillow Mist -  our lavender, cedarwood, and bergamot scented pillow spray for ultimate relaxation as you wind down for the evening.

  1. Moisturized Dewy Looks: 2022 saw the rise of the “clean girl” aesthetic when it came to makeup and skincare trends. This look will likely continue at least into the first half of 2023 as Gen Z continues to share their tips and tricks on various social media platforms. 

The key to pulling off this modern makeup look is an extremely moisturized base – which requires simple, effective skincare products and a healthy skin barrier. 

  1. Organic Skincare Products: Gone are the days of over processed and low quality skincare for teens. 

Today, Gen Z is more conscious than ever of the ingredients that they’re placing on their skin. 

Holistic skincare with organic & natural plant-based ingredients will continue to reign supreme through 2023.

  1. Skinamilism: Think of this trend as “minimalism” but for your skin health and skincare routine. 

2022 seemed to get out of hand with trendy products on top of others, but 2023 will be the year of more intentional product use. 

Customized routines and products to each person’s skin health and skin needs will be the new way. 

Practicing skinamilism means narrowing your routine to the products that truly have a positive impact on your skin health – and ditching the ones that don’t.

  1. No”tox Treatments: Cosmetic surgery and botox treatments done by younger generations have skyrocketed due to increased accessibility. 

But, organic skincare is on the rise because younger generations are becoming more conscious about what they are using on their skin and bodies. 

Non-invasive skincare trends will become more popular versus injectables such as botox. 

Peels, facial massages, gua sha, and retinol are all going to see a continued rise in popularity as people look for effective non-invasive skincare treatments. 

  1. Skin Barrier Repair: Using too many chemicals or products can lead to a breakdown of the skin barrier (a natural moisture and oil network located on your outermost skin layer). 

The skin barrier is tasked with protecting your body from stressors like UV, retaining water to keep your skin hydrated, and transporting invaluable nutrients to your skin. 

Being mindful about skin barrier health and using products that encourage your skin barrier to stay its strongest will be a major trend in 2023 and beyond.

  • Holistic Wellness and Skin Health Plans: Considering skin as a part of your overall wellness plan is important. 
  • Those who are truly focused on creating a holistic picture of health will prioritize other pieces in their health plan like sleep, diet, hydration, exercise, and more to impact their skin health too. 

    Consider your current habits and recognize the impacts that it may have on your skin health. Holistic wellness and skin health plans are set to get big in 2023.

    Trending Free Flow Botanicals Products for 2023

    1) Gemstone Ritual Set ($78): 

    Free Flow Botanicals’ Gemstone Ritual Set helps you relax & unwind while elevating your skincare ritual.

    This set is a great way to cultivate more self-love in your life, while getting glowing skin through facial gua sha massage. 

    What’s included: Nourish Facial OilGua Sha ToolFluffy Spa Headband

    Available in 3 gua sha gemstone options featuring amethystgreen aventurine, and white jade.

    2) Hydrate Facial Mist

    This formula hydrates thirsty skin using nature’s best kept secrets - organic & plant-based ingredients inspired by traditional Asian beauty rituals

    This deep hydrating facial mist is suitable for all skin types and is alcohol-free. 

    Use throughout the day, during your skincare routine, or before applying makeup in the morning. 

    Packed full of natural ingredients, our Hydrate Facial Mist is the perfect base for your 2023 dewy makeup looks. 

    3) Amethyst Facial Roller

    Facial rollers are all the rage as we embrace non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments. 

    Our Amethyst Facial Roller is crafted to help balance and revitalize your mind and body.

    With its supportive properties as a gemstone, Amethyst helps one to develop insight, intuition, and a calm & peaceful state of mind.

    Which of these will you try first?

    As we head into the new year with new intentions, let’s not forget to nourish our skin with natural, plant-based products that are simple, yet effective.

    Which of these are you most excited to add to your skincare routine? 

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